Client Liaison – Off White Limousine

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Qantas – Explore Broome

Qantas – Explore Hobart

Qantas – Explore Sydney

Qantas – Explore Broome – 30 Seconds

Qantas – Explore Hobart – 30 Seconds

Qantas – Explore Sydney – 30 Seconds

Blood Sisters

Oh Tannenbaum

Here In Silence

Skin Deep

Monkey See

Three Poems

The Bench

The Likes of You

Maid of Horror Trailer

Broadway Sounds – Exclusive Love – Digital Influence

Ben Wright Smith – No One

Broadway Sounds – Sing It Again

Lili Kendall – Run

Pretty City – Flying

Magic Bones – Round The block

My Echo – Do or Die

Will Sparks – Catch

Kate Martin – Awaken